Noelle and Ryan…

painting a picture… putting the pieces together… what really matters…generations…family and friends…calm, strength and steadfastness… (blue)also traditional…

congratulations to both families…

I want to thank my friend Nicole Taylor for once again doing a great job second shooting.


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15 Responses to Noelle and Ryan…

  1. Noelle says:

    This was truly an amazing experience! Aida and Nicole were awesome and made us all feel so comfortable. We are so excited and cannot wait to see more photos! Much love xoxo

  2. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Beautiful Pictures, Aida. Thank you.

  3. Gloria Kramer (Norma's sister) says:

    Such a beautiful couple! Your photos are amazing and love all of the little touches you thought of.

  4. Lori Rauchwerger Cannon says:

    pictures are beautiful, will keep you in mind when my daughter get’s married, I’m a co-worker of Maryann’s

  5. Rich & Norma says:

    Great pictures, great day, and a great photographer! Thanks for keeping us all smiling!

  6. Annalisa says:

    Truly beautiful pictures Aida. What a wonderful wedding.

  7. Erica Anglemyer says:

    These pictures are beautiful! When I have my wedding, I would love to have this photographer!

  8. Debbie Davis says:

    Love all the photos I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you, Debbie Davis

  9. Laura says:

    Absolutely LOVE the photos, Aida!! I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for making the day so enjoyable for not only Noelle and Ryan, but for everyone involved!!

  10. Allison says:

    Everything is gorgeous! What a fun day 🙂

  11. adrienne says:

    I enjoyed the wedding and the pictures even more!!!! You both look like you should be models!!!
    Love ya, Adrienne

  12. Erin Ritch says:

    Stunning photos, they will be treasured forever! Thank you:)

  13. Serena says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shots!!

  14. Love! Just beautiful!

    • Michael Shortt says:

      Mike Sorttt says:

      These pics are great. The photographers were so cool. I can’t wait to see see the one of swiss army moving the chair at the wrong time. P.s. judd and I would like two order our pics with tim tobin and have them delieverd asap.

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