……………….. A few questions to ask a photographer ………………..

Will you be the person shooting my wedding? (This is important. Many photographers have studio managers who meet with clients. It is crucial that you meet the specific photographer who will be at your wedding BEFORE you book them.)

Will you be the person shooting my wedding?
How long have you been in the business?
Do you have backup equipment?
How would you characterize your style of photography?
Do you travel? What are your travel fees? (if applicable)
How many proofs should I expect to see from my wedding?
Are you willing to customize a package if none of yours fits our needs?
Do you provide the digital negatives in the package? If so, are they fully retouched? If not, are they available for an additional cost?
Do you include an album in your packages? Can you show me a sample of an album similar to what I will get?
Do you shoot digital or film? If film, color or black and white?
How much retouching is included, and what will I have to pay extra for?
What type of insurance do you have?
Are you a member of any local or national photography associations? (Some of the larger ones are WPPI and PPA, but membership in these is not necessarily the sign of a good photographer)
Will the assistants and other photographers you hire to help shoot my wedding be people you have worked with before?
Will you be photographing another wedding or event the same day as my wedding? The same weekend?
What happens if you are sick and injured and cannot shoot our wedding?
If we decide to book you, what is the process? Can I take a copy of the contract home with me to read before I sign it?


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